Dermaplaning is a quick procedure with few to no adverse effects by removing epidermal skin with a medical scalpel allowing products to more readily penetrate into deeper layer. This treatment is great for clients with rough, dry skin, superficial hyperpigmentation, mild acne scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles. It is also a great way to remove excess vellus hair (peach fuzz).

60 min | $185


Clear + Brilliant is a gentle laser that refreshes your skin from the inside out to prevent, maintain and improve your skin. This treatment is best for hyperpigmentation, skin with sun damage or textured skin.

FACE $475 single | $1,250 package of 3

FACE & NECK $650 single | $1,750 package of 3


Microdermabrasion helps reduce pigmentation imbalances, age spots, acne, chicken pox, and trauma scarring, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

60 MIN | $185


Lumecca is the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat pigmented and vascular lesions. After just one use, patients notice significant improvements in the complexion and clarity of the skin. Lumecca operates using photothermolysis, which provides a photofacial through the delivery of a comfortable light treatment. In just 1-3 sessions Lumecca improves the appearance of: Age spots, vascular lesions such as facial telangiectasias (spider veins) and poikiloderma, rosacea, freckles and sun damage.

FACE $500 | Package of 3 $1,350

NECK $155 | Package of 3 $420


VI Peel helps reverse sun damage, lightens hyperpigmentation including melisma, acne scarring, and rosacea painlessly, with dramatic results and minimal downtime. Patients of all ages will benefit including preteen acne sufferers to clients wanting to reverse the signs of aging.

$455 single


 Chemical Peels are made to target pigmentation, acne, or texture. Your service begins with a questionnaire from the Noon app to pinpoint your exact skin type and your treatment is a peel customized to your exact skin type. A recommended package of 3 is suggested for pigment and acne scarring. If you are looking for a refresh, only 1 treatment is needed

 $200 single | $500 package of 3

Skin Pen (Microneedling)

The Skin Pen is made to treat acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and will resurface your skin to reveal a radiant, youthful appearance. Microneedling regenerates and activates collagen production and assists in smoothing your skin. 

FACE $450 single | $1,250 package of 3

FACE & NECK $700 single | $1,850 package of 3