Leana Delaney, Trained and Certified Aesthetic Injector at Mira Spa and Salon


Leana Delaney, RN, BSN and MSN, is a Registered Nurse and works as an Aesthetic Injector at Mira Spa and Salon where she specializes in neurotoxins and dermal fillers.

“The main purpose of the neurotoxin injections I perform is to relax wrinkles that can appear around your eyes or forehead, your lips (vertical lip lines), nose, or neck,” Delaney said. “Dermal fillers are used to provide volume, and can also soften lines on the face and body. These can help with acne scarring or dimpling of the skin.” You might recognize some of the brand names: Xeomin, Botox, Dysport and Daxxify—the newest brand advertised to last up to six months!

In addition to injections, Morpheus8 treatments use radiofrequency and microneedling to help tone and tighten skin, and reduce fat cells throughout the face and body. “The microneedles penetrate deep into the fat cell layer, helping to not only melt the fat, but increase collagen as well,” she explained. For this treatment, optimal results come from a minimum of three treatments, held four to six weeks apart.

Other procedures Delaney is trained to perform include: PRP (platelet-rich plasma injections), hair restoration, body contouring, and laser treatments. “My goal is to help restore confidence and self-love in each of my clients, allowing them to take pleasure in their own natural beauty.”

Treatments are generally provided for men and women over the age of 21, but there’s no cutoff on an age limit. “Your eligibility for treatments can depend on your past medical history or other underlying conditions that might not make you a candidate. Everyone is individualized,” Delaney said.

You’ll begin your visit with a thorough consultation through which Delaney will investigate your past medical history, previous surgeries, medications you are currently taking, skin conditions, and any medical diagnoses. Delaney may also ask you to “walk me through a day in your routine, and tell me what you would like to see as a result.”

“It’s all designed to support each client’s individual skincare goals,” she added.

Depending on the result of your consultation, you may be able to undergo your treatment the same day. In other cases, you may be advised as to how to prepare for your spa visit, and be scheduled for an upcoming treatment on another day.

Pre-Treatment Recommendations

During your consultation, you’ll be given instructions on what to do, or not to do, prior to your visit to the spa, along with a description of your procedure and any aftercare instructions. Consultations take about 30 minutes, and depending upon the part of the body to be treated, you may need to partially undress so Delaney can assess your structural anatomy, skin and vessels.

For your treatment, it is recommended to arrive with clean skin. This means freshly washed, with no lotions, irritants or makeup. You may be restricted from drinking alcohol or taking certain medications for several days prior as well. You’ll learn your specific requirements in your consultation.

Common Questions

Some of the commonly-asked questions Delaney might hear in a consultation include:

  • Is it painful?
  • What is the downtime?
  • Will I have any restrictions?
  • How long does my session last?
  • Will I be numbed?

All questions are thoughtfully answered, and recommendations are provided.

Leana Delaney’s Professional Preparation

Leana Delaney has undergone years of professional training, and trained and mentored with top surgeons and board-certified facial aesthetic nurse practitioners all over the world. She earned a Master’s degree in nurse education and has 15+ years of experience either teaching or working in an emergency room setting. “I wanted to learn all there was about anatomy, safe practices and techniques, along with aesthetics,” she said. She joined Mira Spa and Salon in May 2022.

Professional Education, Training and Certification

An aesthetic injector typically requires a combination of education, training and certification to perform aesthetic procedures. They include: education, licensing after completing the nursing program, clinical experience, specialized training in aesthetics, certification, and continuing education through workshops, conferences and other educational opportunities.

Choosing a spa with a trained aesthetic injector can offer several benefits and assurances, including:

  • Medical Expertise: Aesthetic injectors are registered nurses with a strong understanding of anatomy, physiology and patient safety to reduce the risk of complications during treatments
  • Safety: Aesthetic treatments, such as Botox and dermal fillers, involve medical procedures that should be performed with precision. A trained aesthetic injector knows about safe injection techniques, sterile procedures and potential complications to enhance your overall safety.
  • Licensed and Regulated: Choosing a spa with a trained aesthetic injector ensures that this person adheres to ethical and legal standards, and performs with a level of accountability and professionalism.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Your aesthetic injector is equipped to handle emergencies in the rare event of an adverse reaction or complication.
  • Continuity of Care: Your aesthetic injector should be available to follow up, and to address any concerns you may have after your procedure to create an ongoing and patient-centered experience.
  • Up-to-date Knowledge: Because of their commitment to continuing education, your aesthetic injector ensures you the most up-to-date and effective treatments.

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